Industrial Talk: On the frontiers of Video SaaS

Sega Cheng | Co-founder/CEO of StraaS and LIVEhouse

Abstract: Video is hard in both technical and business perspectives. As internet users shift their eyeballs and time to videos, fragmented infrastructure, limited bandwidth, variable user behaviors, and volatile revenue models, among others, have entangled to form unique challenges in the business world of our time. In this talk, Sega will share his years of experience in internet videos, covering technical challenges and business opportunities in the future.

segaBio: Sega Cheng is co-founder and CEO of IKALA (愛卡拉), with the mission to enable customers’ online video business. Its’ enterprise product, is a video SaaS platform for customers to build their video applications. IKALA is also the owner of, a well-known live content production team in Asia. He is sitting at the board of Gamania, one of the largest gaming companies in Asia. He is also an advisor of Taipei City Hall. He was an advisor at Youth Advisor Group, reporting directly to the prime minister of Taiwan.

Sega had been a software engineer in Google for 6 years, where he participated in a wide a spectrum of important projects during the term, including Android media, web search infrastructure, Google maps, and iGoogle. He received his master degree from Stanford University, specializing in artificial intelligence in computer science department.