MMVE Keynote: Universal Basic Income and the Future of Virtual Environments

Dr. Shun-Yun Hu | Co-Founder of Imonology Inc., Taiwan

Abstract: As we start to experience exponential growth in tech and productivity in certain areas, some pioneers are foreseeing a future where most society members do not need to work (in the traditional sense) for the society to support itself in most basic needs. Universal Basic Income (UBI) therefore has been proposed as a remedy to protect against the loss of job security, in a future where productivity of physical goods might far exceed demands.

Developments in Virtual Reality (VR) and Virtual Environments (VE) on the other hand, might just fill in the gap for people to find something to do and to work on, in a space that is literally limited only by humanity's imagination.

In this talk I will present both a "Good" and a "Bad" scenario of how this future might go, so that as researchers and technologists, we might start to reflect and think about how our works might impact society, knowingly or unknowingly, into humanity's bright (or dim) future. In hope that we will collectively secure ourselves a future that we all want to live in.

syhu Shun-Yun has been doing research in scalable virtual environments using peer-to-peer (P2P) techniques since 2003, and has published his works as both research papers and free software projects (VAST and Scalra). After adventuring in Sierra games at 7 and Ultima VII later, Shun-Yun has since been fascinated by the possibilities of games and virtual worlds, and co-founded Imonology in 2010 to make virtual world creation easier and more affordable. Shun-Yun is also dad to two vegetarian kids and has a Ph.D degree in computer science from National Central University.