IoT Connectivity and Infrastructure

Special Session on IoT Connectivity and Infrastructure (IoTCon)

  • Valerie Issarny (INRIA, Paris)
  • Kishore Ramachandran (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)
  • Francoise Sailhan (CNAM, Paris)
  • Nalini Venkatasubramanian (University of CA, Irvine)
Scope & Goals:

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem envisions instrumenting our known world with tiny devices, sensors and actuators that are capable of communicating over the Internet. Over the recent years, several IoT deployments and testbeds have been proposed in to create new smart infrastructures (e.g. buildings, transportation networks, energy delivery, water and wastewater management) and address specific societal needs through services (e.g., healthcare, public safety, emergency response, etc.).  The testbeds vary significantly in the devices they use, the data/information generated and used and the network/communication technologies they leverage.  A key question that arises as these deployments scale in size and sophistication is how to leverage these new and diverse connectivity mechanisms for the dependable operation of services.  A variety of old and new communication technologies (such as 5G, WLAN, SIGFOX/LoRa, Zigbee, SDN, gateways) and infrastructure technologies (such as data center clouds, fog computing and edge platforms) are being brought together to operate simultaneously in  coordinated fashion to realize the novel applications.  The resulting heterogeneity and capabilities present new opportunities, but create significant complexity and new challenges.

This Special Session addresses recent technologies and latest advances, their benefits and challenges with an aim toward establishing a forum for exchanging ideas, thoughts and contributions to creating the computing, data and communication infrastructure for next generation IoT systems.  A specific question that arises is related to how the new frameworks would accommodate the data intensive nature of multimodal traffic and QoS/QoE needs of the associated applications.

Topics of Interest:

  • Novel architectures, protocols, algorithms for end-to-end IoT systems
  • Novel IoT communication platforms and access technologies
  • Software defined infrastructures for end-to-end systems
  • Interoperability of IoT communication technologies
  • Middleware technologies for IoT systems and applications
  • Theoretical modeling and frameworks for IoT environments
  • IoT applications and tesbeds
  • Content and context for IoT systems
  • IoT Benchmarking and Datasets

Program Committee:

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